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 WWTO Interview

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PostSubject: WWTO Interview   Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:42 pm

First off i would like to thank Alissa and The Agonist for taking the time out to do this interview with Worldwidetakeoverzine

how long has the band been together?

About 4 years.

how did the band come to be known as The Agonist and who thought up the
name as well and is there any special meaning behind the band name ?

We were originally called The Tempest, but decided to change the name
for a number of reasons. The Agonist fits with the music and message.
An agonist can be "the one caught in between".. not the antagonist or
protagonist.. the one who is conflicted.. which reflects the duality
of our music. Agonist is also the name of a pharmaceutical drug used
to induce feeling.. which reflects our message.

are any of the members in side projects other than The Agonist?

I was in another band called D.N.A for a while, but right now we are
all completely committed to The Agonist, although I do frequent guest

do some of the fans who havent seen you before shocked when they realize the band is fronted by a female when you take the stage?

Haha.. yeah, that happens a lot. People who aren't used to us think I
use effects or a special mic. It's just me and my vocal chords!

is this the original lineup and if not what is the current lineup?

No, we had a different drummer before, but now we have Simon on drums,
Danny on guitar, Chris on bass and me, Alissa, on vocals.

is there a large and thriving scene in the Montreal Quebec area as well as throughout Canada?

I'm not sure about the rest of Canada, but in Montreal, the metal
scene is so full it is over-saturated. Tons of great venues, bands and
fans.. but it seems the crowd gets spread thin, especially when bands
don't support each other.

in only one sentence describe your bands sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Anger and terror; emotion and attitude; melody and madness; metal with
a heart and a brain.

when the band is on tour in the van and or bus what is usually playing in the cd player?

We don't have a cd player! We either hook up the laptop or the ipod
through the van stereo. We usually just play local band's cds that we
pick up along the way, or any variety of music coming out of our ipods
(Arch Enemy, Rise Against, The Haunted, Emperor, Muse, etc..) I like
talk radio though!

what do you base your lyrics on when writing new material?

I usually base my lyrics on a subject that stirs up emotion in me. I
always carry around a notebook, so that whenever an issue does arise I
can jot down the exact words that come to mind. It usually involves
injustices, large and small, but I am also including personal and more
obscure political topics as well.

is the whole band vegan and if yes is it difficult touring with non vegan bands?

No, I'm the only vegan.. so I'm always the outcast and I'm just used
to it that way.

how were you first exposed to the scene and what made you say i want to be in an band?

My friend's band needed a singer! It was a very in-the-moment decision for me.

when on tour and driving from city to city and country to country what is some of the weirdest shit you have seen happen or pass by

I think when we passed by 4 cows sitting in the middle of the high
way.. that was pretty weird... or when we got lost and found ourselves
suddenly surrounded by a dog, a cat and a horse... there have been a
lot of weird things!

who are some of the bands main musical influences?

There are too many to name!

how many cds eps 7 inches split cds and demos has the band currently released?

Just one, Once Only Imagined.

who are some of the up and coming bands from the Montreal Quebec area as well as throughout Canada that we should be on the lookout for?

The Plasmarifle, Mythosis, Synastry, Badflirt, etc..

the term hardcore has become so overused that any band putting a breakdown into a song is considered hardcore but explain to the readers what hardcore means to you?

I completely agree. I didn't even realize I had anything to do with
hardcore until the word was shoved down my throat. I like aggressive
music. I'm not going to sit around like some metal-heads, afraid of
breakdowns, afraid of melody. Music is music, get over the need to
title everything and just enjoy.

where do you see this band in 3 years from now?

No idea. Hopefully further along than we are now.

How can the readers from around the world contact you about ordering merchandise?

On our myspace:

What is your most memorable show and why?

I liked Quebec City and Houston with Sonata Arctica. Great crowds.

what is your favorite city and country to play shows in and also your least favorite and why?

I love playing in Montreal because I get to go sleep in my own bed,
and I hate playing New York because it's too stressful with all the
traffic and stuck up people.. although there are some people I adore
that live there too.. so I don't want to generalize.

what are your views on fighting at shows ?

Well... music is a powerful catalyst. It evoked emotions, sometimes
not the right ones.. and people get too involved and carried away. I
think fighting is natural but also very dangerous and pointless.

What advice can you give to some of the newer bands starting out that maybe having a tough time and thinking about giving up?

Giving up is the easy way out, trust me I've thought about it. I would
say, enjoy the journey. Sure you might not become an instant success
and a millionaire, but you will have years of enjoying pursuing a

Who are some of the bands that you enjoy touring with?

Enslaved was lots of fun, Arsis too. God Forbid are cool too, and of
course fellow Montreal bands would be fun.

Where else other than myspace can the readers go to find out about upcoming shows and other band related information?

I think we have a facebook page and a webpage but the myspace is the best bet!

where do you think you would be right now had you not been exposed to the hxc metal scene?

Probably getting a master's in University.. not sure which subject...
I love school way too much!

what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to the band when playing a set?

Hmm... When you play so many sets it kind of gets all blurred together
after a while! I know that we all run into technical difficulties, but
that's to be expected when you have zero help!

if the band could have anyone do guest vocals on the next cd with you who would it be and why?

Oooo.. I would like to have Courtney Love or maybe Sebastian Bach.

what is the worst injury that any of the band has had happen when playing show?

Chris knocked me right out with his bass once! I played the rest of
the set lying on the ground!

Chris: When my bass came flying back at me after it had hit the giant
p.a. and my tuning peg hit me right in the lip. Was bleeding pretty
bad i thought i needed stitches.

for someone who has never seen The Agonist live what can they expect to see especially if attending a show in Montreal Quebec area ?

We like to have fun and interact with the audience... they can expect
great music and lots of fun with no superiority complex between band
and fans.

what type of shows do you prefer the arena auditorium shows or the small intimate club venues without barricades?

I love small intimate shows, but its nice to have a huge audience as
well. I think I prefer the bigger shows just because there is more
likely to be a good sound man and p.a. at those venues!

how did you come to being signed to Century Media Records and how have they treated you so far especially with touring and merchandise while on the road?

They heard our album and liked it so much that they signed us. They treat us like their children... a nice balance of discipline and nurturing.

is the band in the process of writing a new album at the moment

Yes we are! And it's going great! Pretty different from the first but
I think it's way better.

what countries does the agonist hope to tour in throughout 2008 and 2009?


do you have any upcoming shows that you would like to mention to the readers

Well.. just keep updated by checking in with us at our

is there anything else that you would like to add that i might have forgotten to ask that the readers would find interesting or like to know?

nope! Good job!

My red eyed friend where are you now
My red eyed friend I miss you so
My red eyed friend I'll be waiting for you
Where are you now
♥️In Loving Memory Joyce R.♥️
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Keeper of Peace
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PostSubject: Re: WWTO Interview   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:12 pm

I didn't Alissa was the only vegan in the band.

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Waiting Out The Winter
Waiting Out The Winter

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PostSubject: Re: WWTO Interview   Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:09 pm

Black_Passion_Diamond wrote:
I didn't Alissa was the only vegan in the band.

Neither did I. I thought the whole band ws vegans. Shows how much I know.
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PostSubject: Re: WWTO Interview   

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WWTO Interview
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